Don't watch your guitar slide off your amp!

Secures to the edge of your guitar amplifier without permanently attaching.
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The first Vulcan Music Accessories product is a long over due solution for the performing musician. A compact guitar stand that requires proximity to the most dangerous place on stage for a guitar!

The Guitar Stage Tool neutralizes the average guitar players’ natural tendency to lean their guitar against the front edge of their guitar amplifier. This tendency is due to the proximity of the volume and other settings of the guitar amplifier and the false sense of security an amplifier provides. When a guitar is leaned even a small amount left or right of center against a guitar amplifier there is a possibility the guitar will begin sliding in the direction it was leaned off center. This possibility increases as people moving around the stage or the vibration of the drummer can set off the balance of the guitar, allowing the guitar to fall to the floor. The Guitar Stage Tool provides a solution to this common problem.