Over the years, many companies have attempted to recapture the sonic essence of loudspeakers manufactured and installed in musical amplifiers during the 50s and 60s. Most noteable of the vintage speaker manufacturers were Celestion in the UK and Jensen in the USA. Others included Utah, CTS, JBL, Oxford, and EV.


In 1996, in an effort to gain a better understanding of that classic sound, we undertook a project to study every aspect of the vintage loudspeaker. We studied such issues as Ceramic versus AlNiCo magnets, cone types, basket styles and cutouts, paints, terminal connections, cone, spider, voice coil and dustcap materials, manufacturing and assembly techniques and glue. Our research concluded that the only way we could satisfy ourselves and those who provided us with critical feedback from listening tests was to emulate the vintage style speakers in every way, both electrically and mechanically.