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Probably one of the nicest guitars I have ever played! You have to try one!

Resonance, sustain, tone, ergonomics and aesthetics.

These five attributes are at the forefront of our minds in every stage of the design process. The specific woods used, body proportions and contours, scale length, neck set and other subtler details all contribute to what we consider to be a "complete" instrument. It must be resonant, evenly sustaining and toneful, yet effortless to play, all with a look that is both understated and bold.


Pickups are literally microphones capturing the unique character that the guitar imparts to the strings. For that reason we very carefully select the electronics to complement the tonal voice of the guitar itself. From the pickups used, to the pots, switches, capacitors and overall functionality; everything serves the goal of making the guitar as musical, versatile and intuitive to control as possible.